I lurve an autoresponder series.

Not only are they great for indoctrinating and turning fresh leads into happy customers while you sleep…

But they are king when it comes to creating a biz that runs essentially on autopilot.

Now, despite autoresponders sitting firmly on the Iron Throne of email marketing wizardry…

It doesn’t mean they don’t come with their own shortcomings.

4 of which are:

1. If they are not comprised of “evergreen” emails, you’ll need to constantly update the autoresponder to keep it relevant.

2. To avoid leads going colder than a block of ice and increasing the lifetime value of a subscriber, it’s imperative you keep adding new emails to the series.

3. If you’re an affiliate or decide to pull one of your offers from the marketplace, you’ll need to replace the emails that sold said offer.

4. Depending on the length of the sequence, they can take many days and weeks to build.

Of course, there are more shortfalls of an autoresponder.

And not all these points will affect every marketer.

… Except for one:

Point #4.

Assembling these bad boys takes time, know-how, and pools of energy. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where there are freelance copywriters only a click away who can take this weight off your shoulders. And depending on the quality of their work…

Your one-off fee could translate into a whole lotta bread over the lifespan of that autoresponder.

(Which could be months or even years to come.)

It’s no wonder some marketers dub these ATM machines.

And if you’d like one of these treasure chests installed in your bizniss, I can help you.

To get first dibs on my email copywriting service when it is next available, join my waiting list here:


Daniel JW


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