A lot of freelancers talk a good game when it comes to promoting their services.

They vomit all sorts of benefits and reasons to hire them.

And while it falls perfectly in-line with conventionalism…

I think it’s also created a culture whereby people opt to avoid speaking about their flaws.

Well, today I’m doing the opposite.

Instead of heaping praise upon myself…

I’m revealing 5 reasons why you shouldn’t hire me.

So, let’s get to it:

1. You’ll have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about you, your biz, your email list, and product(s)

2. I’m not cheap

3. Don’t expect daily updates from me (I’ll check in once a week or report back to you once I hit certain milestones)

4. I specialize in writing emails for information products

5. I’m British

Now, I saved the last point for a reason:

Most of my clients reside in Trump Town or Canada, so our timezones differ significantly.

And this can present its own challenges.

Case in point:

If you need an urgent chat with me at 3pm EST today, I hate to break it to ya, but it’s 8pm in the UK and I’ll likely be wearing my beer slippers while watching the latest episode of Banged Up Abroad. And it’ll have to be a damn-near emergency to persuade me to crawl back into my home office at that time.

One way to mitigate this issue is to simply shoot me an email.

It’s far easier and less time-consuming for me to shoot back a response from my phone while sprawled out on the sofa than it is to power on my Mac for a call.

So, if you’re cool with using email as our main engine for communication…

Then the timezone thing shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

But if you’re someone who needs freelancers on the phone at the drop of a hat, then you’ll hate working with me.

Anyhoo, ‘nuff self-sabotaging for one email.

If one or more of the points I’ve made above left a sea-salty taste in your mouth, then steer clear of my email marketing service. But if, on the other hand, you found yourself nodding and appreciating the points made… and you’re keen to hire me to craft emails your list will enjoy reading, clicking, and buying from…

Then join my waiting list here:


Daniel JW


I help 6-figure internet marketers turn more of their subscribers into cash-gushing customers with emails they look forward to reading, clicking, and eating (I mean buying) from. For "timeless" email marketing tips delivered to your inbox every day, sign up here.

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