Ever heard of “60 Days In”?

It’s a US show about civilians who go undercover inside county jails for 60 days to unearth problems that urgently need fixing.

A noble cause which produces surprising and beneficial results.

Not just for the correction offers, inmates, and the jail as a whole…

But also for the participants themselves.

And this recently got me thinking about the challenge Ben Settle imparts to all of his new Email Players subscribers. Namely, a 30-day email plan to test-drive and experience the wondrous benefits of daily emails.

It’s a solid plan.

One which many marketers have used all the way to the bank.

But I’d like to take it a step further.

(In fact, two more steps to be precise.)

If you’re ready to freshen up your email marketing, I challenge you over the next 60 days (you can take weekends off) to write and send an email to your list every single day.

Yes, it might seem a bit overwhelming or scary…

However, I’m willing to bet my left jewel that if you stick it out, you’ll experience one or more of the following things:

1. More sales

2. Better quality leads and customers

3. Fewer freebie-seekers

4. Position yourself as a leader and expert in your field

5. Unexpected hollers from biz-defining folks (JV partners, podcast hosts, big industry figures, etc.)

Of course, everyone’s mileage varies.

And yes, it does require some sleeve rolling and basic copywriting knowledge on your part.

But so what?

The potential upside (more sales, fame and fewer headaches) is far greater than the downside (setting aside time and energy to crank out two months’ worth of emails).

That’s my way of thinking anyways.


You could save yourself the bother and hire me to write them for you instead, starting with 7-10 emails and build out the rest from there.


Then join my waiting list here:


Daniel JW


I help 6-figure internet marketers turn more of their subscribers into cash-gushing customers with emails they look forward to reading, clicking, and eating (I mean buying) from. For "timeless" email marketing tips delivered to your inbox every day, sign up here.

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