Every now and then, I’ll be chinwagging with someone and then almost out of nowhere…

The conversation strays into awkward territory.

Take a recent conversation with my dad, for example…

We were on the dog and bone (Cockney rhyme for “phone”) for a good hour when he randomly started yapping about inheritance.

He spoke of how when he crosses the rainbow bridge, he’ll be leaving all his worldly possessions to my sister and I. While I appreciate we’ve all got to have these discussions at some point in our lives, I couldn’t help but feel like the whole thing was a wee bit premature (he only just turned 51) – not to mention, I was busting for a leak at the time.

Anyhoo, I did what I always do in these uncomfortable situations and deployed my fool-proof hack:

I steered the conversation back at him.

Namely, I asked how work was going (which I knew hasn’t been a bed of roses for him).

And just like that…

A river of feelz came gushing out of his mouth like a broken dam.

And within mere minutes, he had completely forgotten about the previous conversation altogether.

Quite the reliable “hack”, I must say.

And its power will likely never dim either.


Because people are selfish.

Give someone the chance to yap about *their* pains, goals, dreams and frustrations, and they will do so for hours.

And just as this principle can be used to parachute out of awkward conversations…

It can also be used in your emails to keep your subscribers glued to your message like ants to duct tape and generate you more of the green stuff too.

Definitely not a skill you can pick up overnight.

But it is a skill you can hire out with just a few clicks of the mouse.

And in the event you’d like me to put this “hack” into profitable use for you, head on over here:


Daniel JW


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