A while ago, I crossed paths with a savvy guy (let’s call him Dave) who was good at getting what he wanted.

I’m not talking about work, women or business either.

I’m yapping about stuff that dates all the way back to high school.

You see, Dave was an average student.

He attended school not so much for the lessons…

But for getting cushy with cool kids, gals, and even his teachers.

(Not in the usual brown-nosing way either.)

Instead, he’d observe them from afar and once he knew enough about them, he’d make his move.

Take this apple:

There was once this influential teacher who had a say in many of the school’s affairs. She also happened to be a devout Christian, too. And to say other teachers didn’t want to mess with her (including the principle) would be putting it lightly.

In other words, she was a good ally to have.


One of the assignments she gave Dave’s class was to write an argument against any policy/law/legislation of their choosing.

Wanting to build bridges with this feared teacher, what did Dave choose to write about?


Particularly, why he opposed it so much.

Even though deep down, Dave didn’t give two flying toads about abortion, he knew this would make him stand out to her in all the right ways – and it did. All he cared about was building rapport with an influential figure. While some would call this manipulative, unethical even… I call it pure genius.

He knew exactly what made her tick and used this knowledge to gain some common ground and win favors.

And as such, from that day on, he did and was able to enjoy perks like:

> Flexible deadlines

> Softer punishments

> Extra help with school work

> More respect from other teachers

The reason I love this story so much is because it’s no different to persuading people to buy your product.

As the marketer, it’s your job to uncover what makes your market tick then use these hot buttons to build bridges with your leads and ultimately, compel them to buy.

Careful observation and thorough research is the difference between mediocre ads and sales machines.

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