I’m currently indulging in “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson.

Among his quick wit and odd humor lies a plethora of juicy wisdom just waiting to be plucked.

One such point he drives home in the early chapters is learning to choose better problems for yourself.

Sounds backwards, right?

I mean, who’d “choose” to cherry-pick problems for themselves?

That’s what I thought until I read this book.

And as it goes…

As long as air is in our lungs, we will never escape problems until we’re playing statues six feet under.

Instead, we can only choose to endure “better problems”.

For example:

Say you only email your list a couple times per week.

There’s no question in my mind that leads will lose interest in you and your emails fast, which will result in a whole lot of crispy cannolis being left on the table.

These are problems.

But now let’s say the lure of scooping more sales… being seen as an expert/leader in your market… and having a tribe of people worship your feet convinces you to email your list four times a week. Naturally, this is going to breed new problems like:

> Having to find more time to write the emails

> Dealing with writer’s block

> Taking flack from crummy leads

> Etc.

But these are “better” problems to endure.

Ones which could stuff more wonga in your pocket and create a sustainable business that lasts for years.

Anyways, I hope this all makes sense.

It’s definitely not the easiest of concepts to wrap your noggin around at first, but it’s well worth the struggle.

Now, down to brass tacks:

If you’re ready to trade in your current email marketing problems (mediocre opens, clicks, engagement, and sales) for better ones (like order notifications bleeding your phone’s battery), then it might be in your best interest to hire an email copywriter.

And if you’d like that copywriter to be Yours Untruly?

Well, you know the drill:


Daniel JW


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