I’m big on structure.

Everything from my working day to grocery list needs to have some sort of order.

As do my emails.

But I have a guilty confession to make:

While I consider this mostly a “good” thing (after all – fail to plan, plan to fail), sometimes I can get a bit too rigid and end up boxing myself into things with no room to breathe in. So, over the years, I’ve found it helpful to sprinkle a healthy spoon of flexibility into my structures and schedules.

All of which has allowed me to be more productive, efficient, and more importantly…

Keep myself from pulling my hair out (most of the time).

Take my sales emails for example:

I adopt something of a “loose” 80/20 structure which goes something like this:

80% infotainment.

20% pitching.

And by “loose”, I mean, some days it could be 90/10.



It all depends on the objective and the mood I’m in that day.

But one thing’s for certain…

Value-giving infotainment takes up most of my emails as it’s the stuff that gets people continually reading and buying from you.

And if, like me, you’re always on the hunt for order and streamlining biz processes, methinks the above email structure will serve you well. While it’ll require loosening up your rigid ways (not easy, admittedly), it will go a long way in putting more rupees in your hot little paws while also ensuring you don’t pull your hair out in the process.

Alternatively, you can free yourself from such worry and let me write your sales emails for you.

But tread carefully:

I ask a lot of questions.

Namely about your list…



And even, your personal life.

(Fear not, I have no stalking tendencies. I’ll explain my reasons in good time.)

To get first dibs on hiring Yours Stalky before another willing victim does, join my waiting list here:


Daniel JW


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