We live in a noisy world.

Especially online.

If we aren’t bombarded with cat pictures…

It’s Trump memes and “how-to” videos of meals we’ll never cook.

And consumer inboxes are starting to become the same.

We are living in a time where emoji-ridden subject lines and cutesy fonts, logos, and masked links are becoming the main players of email marketing. And while marketers may win a noble applause for their bespoke design, they are unintentionally creating a new problem for themselves.

One which methinks is costing them stacks of the green stuff.

That problemo?

Coming off as a marketer and not a real person.

The reality is, people avoid salespeople like they do scabby rats.

And by exposing all your HTML goodness for the world to see, you’re inadvertently advertising yourself as the person people would rather bludgeon to death than sit down and listen to.

It takes me back to Gary Halbert’s “A-Pile B-Pile” philosophy:

Letters that were plain and looked like they were written by a real Richard or Susan would often end up in a prospect’s “A-Pile” for later reading. Letters that had a bright envelope, bold fonts, and logos would often be tossed in the trash.

The same thing applies with email.

And not-so-coincidentally…

That’s why I write plain, non-HTML emails and avoid using gimmicks like emojis in my subject lines.

‘Cause the more my email looks like a friend / family member / real person wrote it…

The more likely it’s going to get read.

And with more reads, tends to come greater sales.

But make no mistake:

Sending plain – albeit fugly – emails is the easy part.

Crafting copy that sucks subscribers in… boosts engagement… and puts more shekels in your pocket is a much stickier affair.

Fortunately, I can help you with that.

And it all starts with joining my waiting list here:


Daniel JW


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