If there’s one rule engraved on my skull when it comes to email marketing, it’s this:

Never copy and paste or rehash other marketers’ emails.

Not only do you run the risk of looking like an imposter…

But it can lead to a loss in subscribers, sales, and even result in a lawsuit sliding across your desk.

Not worth it.

But as for our own emails?

Well, we can do what the hell we like.

And one of my favorite pastimes is to recycle or jig-up old emails for fresh profits.

(Of course, you don’t want to go too crazy with this – ad fatigue is a very real thing.)

Hell, I know people who routinely send out the same batch of emails at certain times of the year like Christmas. The proceeds not only pay for any and all of their presents (with change to spare)… but some of them report making more sales with each subsequent year.

Imagine that for one moment:

You put in the work of writing the emails once (or pay someone a one-off fee to write them for you)…

And boom:

You could have a virtual ATM machine that pumps out more Benjamins year in, year out with no additional time/munny investment on your part.

Sounds like a good proposition to me.

But hey, such is the power of this marketing channel.

And such is the power of persuasively-written sales emails and a constantly growing email list.

And if you’re interested, this is something I can do for you.

While I’m not the cheapest fella on the block…

I’ll arm you with emails that not only work to convert more of your leads into buyers now…

But also way, way into the future.

For first dibs on hiring me, go here:


Daniel JW


I help 6-figure internet marketers turn more of their subscribers into cash-gushing customers with emails they look forward to reading, clicking, and eating (I mean buying) from. For "timeless" email marketing tips delivered to your inbox every day, sign up here.

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