Came across a post in a popular Facebook group the other day.

Along with a windfall of text, was an image showing a particular overview which methinks could put a few pesos in your pocket.

The image highlighted 3 critical components of cash-gushing copy/selling:

1. Poking your market’s problems.

2. Building the vision of their desires.

3. Selling “the bridge” that takes your market from their problem to their desire (aka your product/service).

Now, points #1 & 2 are pretty straightforward to execute.

But #3?

A little stickier.

This is the “selling” part of every advertisement.

The “roadmap” of how your offer will take prospects from Point A to Point B.

It’s also the part where many marketers (especially in their emails) get carried away. Instead of getting their prospects’ buying juices flowing, they end up killing the sale faster than a wife joke at a feminist rally. But when you sell the bridge (aka your offer) the right way?

Well, let’s just say it’s like injecting “sales steroids” into your copy.

Your words become automatically more interesting…


And depending on your lead quality, more profitable too.

So, it pays to get good at this bridge-building malarky (as well as the other two points mentioned in the sales trifecta).

Or alternatively, hire a pro who already possesses this gold-plated skill instead.

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Daniel JW


I help 6-figure internet marketers turn more of their subscribers into cash-gushing customers with emails they look forward to reading, clicking, and eating (I mean buying) from. For "timeless" email marketing tips delivered to your inbox every day, sign up here.

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