Read a news article the other day about a Scottish family who, while spring cleaning one day, “stumbled” upon a dusty chess piece in the attic.

It was the first they had ever seen the object.

But as they soon discovered, this wasn’t any ordinary chess piece.

It was a medieval relic which was once thought to possess “magical properties”.

And oh boy, it certainly did.

To the tune of stuffing £1m (approx. $1.25m) into the family’s piggy bank after auctioning it off.

Anyhoo, the reason I bring this up?

Well, partly because I thought it was hella interesting and I wanted to share it…

But mostly because it reminds me of the story Earl Nightingale once told.

Namely, of a farmer who once sold his land in search of diamonds, wealth, and prosperity during the “diamond rush” of Africa, but ended up finding poverty and death instead. Sadder still, as it turned out, the land he sold happened to be one of the largest diamond mines in the entire continent.

So, in short, he was sitting on his hopes and wishes all along – without even knowing it.

And I see the same sorta thing happen in the online biz world, too.

… Marketers who’d rather hunt for the latest software, “done-for-you” sales templates, and tactics to boost their figures instead of looking much closer to home (aka their market). ‘Cause here’s the ugly truth: Under every marketer’s nose with a list brimming of subscribers and/or a clear target market is a minefield of marketing gold just waiting to be dug up and spun into ready-made, conversion-winning subject lines…

Sales letter headlines…

Infotaining email fodder…

And a catalog of new products your market cannot wait to snap up.

It’s not as seckzee as fly-by-night gimmicks…

Nor is it as fun or easy to attain…

But getting to know your market as intimately as you know your wife (and where they like to air out their dirty laundry online) can hand-deliver solid bricks of platinum to you and your biz.

More so than any tactic you could ever find.

As for where and how to unearth this marketing gold and discover your very own $1m+ chess piece?

That’s a whole other topic for another day.

However, if you’d like some help with that for a fee, my door is open.

While I can’t promise to help you find a medieval relic lying in your attic, I do promise to turn your marketing minefield into emails your list will look forward to opening, reading, and buying from again and again.

For more information, join my waiting list here:

Daniel JW


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