Is there such a thing as being “too nice” in your marketing?

And can it put a leaky hole in your sales?

I’d argue, yes.

Case in point:

Marketers who enjoy giving away more discounts and sales than water bottles at a marathon race because they “believe it will result in more custom” are sadly mistaken. Now, before I spew any further, there’s nothing inherently “wrong” with being a nice marketer.

Nor is there in offering frequent discounts.

But just accept it comes with its own drawbacks.

One such drawback is:

Over time, it’ll condition leads/customers to devalue your product/service and wait until you run another sale to buy your offers.

Meaning, you’ll end up with more bargain hunters on your email list (and we all know what they can be like – headache merchants and serial refunders *cough cough*) than quality leads.

Meaning, you can expect blowback and “colorful” emails landing in your inbox when you don’t offer any discounts or limited-time sales for a while.

Meaning, more migraines and fewer Benjamins in your bank.

Now, if you don’t mind running a biz like this, then carry forth, Resilient One.

No-one’s stopping or shaming you (myself included).

But for those who want to run a business that doesn’t attract these type of life-sucking leads…

… and not completely give promotions the nod goodnight:

There are several things you can start doing.

One of the obvious spots to start with is to simply cut back on the # of sales you run.

Another option is to always *ask* for something in return from your prospect/customer.

And I don’t mean in a literal sense, either

So, what do I mean?

Well, that would be telling.

And spilling this kind of gold-plated knowledge is only reserved for clients and my closest of comrades.

So, if you want the answer (as well as access to all the other things you can do and more), you’ll need to hire me to write your emails for you. Not only will you get access to my vault of copywriting/sales knowledge, but methinks that if you have an engaged list and at least one proven offer to sell…

My emails might just put a few extra squid in your pocket, too.

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Daniel JW


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