I love gender-fluid folk.

They tickle me in ways feminazis do not.

And it is them that I have to thank for today’s email.

So, with no further ado, here she rips:

As copywriters, one of the first things we’re taught is to “specialize” in one given market and go ballz deep in it. And it makes a lot of sense. Instead of being a Rick of All Niches, be a Master of One. This way, you’re likely to dig up golden nuggets that non-specialists would typically walk past and spin those nuggets into persuasive sales copy.

It’s solid teaching.

But there’s one incy-wincy flaw with this dogma.

(And it’s also the reason I refuse to be tied down to any one given market.)

Regardless of the market, human psychology is human psychology.

Granted, the interests, desires, and pains are different…

But the way people *react* to emotional triggers is usually the same.

How so?

Well, there’s usually one of two ways people respond to pain:

1. Ignore it and let the problem compound like a snowball rolling down a hill (flight)

2. Attack the problem head-on and try to resolve the issue (fight)

Both are *instinctual*.

And both *do not discriminate what market they are in*.

But only one can turn a profit.

And while yes, I mostly write marketing emails in the Weight Loss and MMO niche…

I’m always open to working with clients in different markets, too.

There’s just one condition:

The niche has to excite me enough to put on my research cap and dig up their persuasive hot buttons.

‘Cause without a solid bed of knowledge on a market…

Your copy is dead in the water.

(And so, too, are your profits and my fees.)

So, if you believe your niche might tickle my pickle and you’re keen to bring on an email “specialist” to straighten up your campaigns, then unleash some finger-fluid of your own and sign up to my waiting list here:


Daniel JW


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