Let’s rap about sales (or lack of) when it comes to email.

But first, let’s get one thing straight…

There are a lot of things that can determine a sales email’s success.

Like does it have a curiosity-drenched, benefit-driven subject line?

Will it be sent to an active email list who likes hearing from you?

Are you promoting only great products?


These are all critical factors when it comes to generating huge chunks of wonga through email.

However, assuming you’ve got all these puzzle pieces in place, one thing which I believe is keeping many marketers and their emails stuck in gear one is that their copy isn’t connecting with leads on a deep, personal level. Now, I’m not suggesting you suddenly become your list’s shrink or share pictures of you wearing your favorite mankini back in summer 2005…

But what I am suggesting is that your emails talk more about your leads’ desires/problems.

‘Cause the truth is, people can’t hear enough about their aches and pains.

To the miserable bloke who hates their cubicle job and wants to start their own online business…

They cannot read enough emails about “how to get out of the dreaded 9-5” or the “top 10 ways to get started online”.

When you’re able to consistently engage their inner demons and souped-up utopias…

You start connecting with them on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Couple that with presenting your offer as the solution to their problem and the likelihood of boosting open rates, clicks, and driving more sales into your bank account multiplies.

But as ever…

There’s a right and wrong way to writing marketing emails like this.

And if you’d like your emails to do more of the former and less of the latter, I suggest you pick up some timeless copywriting books and set aside the coming weeks and months to study it.

Or alternatively:

You can skip all that by hiring me to crank out emails your list will love to read and buy from.

Your choice, Chuck.

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Daniel JW


I help 6-figure internet marketers turn more of their subscribers into cash-gushing customers with emails they look forward to reading, clicking, and eating (I mean buying) from. For "timeless" email marketing tips delivered to your inbox every day, sign up here.

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